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panettone tagliato

is a single-minded, single-product company.

In a world in which industries diversify growth in a thousand directions, pursuing markets by extending their range, at we have chosen an alternative route.

We try to be very good at doing only one thing.

Heresy, madness, or perhaps, just a passion to make an exceptionally good product? Whatever the answer to these questions, the fact remains that we of have but one mission: to enrich the menus of our customers with single-serving Panettoncini that are truly inimitable. Unique.

However, is not only a single-minded, single-product company. It is also a recklessly customer-focused company. A unique (type of) customer! We have imagined, in fact, that our Panettoncino could retain its identity only if intended for a limited but dynamic market, where the search for quality prevails over quantity. We have, therefore, decided that this can be appreciated only in the world’s best coffee bars, coffee shops and cafés.

Regardless of whether the shop is big or small, what matters is that it consider its clients special, wanting to offer them something out of the ordinary to accompany their coffee or cappuccino - a high quality product, derived from the tradition of authentic Italian artisan bakers.


And to avoid misunderstanding, we have also disavowed all forms of communication made up of glossy corporate brochures that would seek to fascinate, but that ultimately would not say anything. We, personally, present the Panettoncino, with our own face and our own trolley, letting our customers taste it!

That’s because Panettoncino signed FilippoInnocenti is the son neither of marketing nor of food technology: it is the direct descendant of a healthy, ancient zest for good things.