The Panettoncino draws its origin from the traditional Panettone, the most celebrated Italian pastry on every Christmas table. Thanks to the Panettoncino’s single-serving size and packaging, it is perfectly suited to every day consumption, any day of the year.


More than 60 years of experience stand behind every package of Panettoncino bearing the FilippoInnocenti signature. In 1946, his grandpa Arnaldo - the one wearing the hat in the photo... - opened his first pastry shop. Since then, over the span of three generations, some processing techniques have evolved, but the methods and the principles that inspire Panettoncino FilippoInnocenti have remained the same.


In fact, we do not stoop to compromise when it comes to quality.


• First of all, today’s Panettoncino is still derived from the same "mother" dough that has been passed down to us, lovingly conserved, refreshed and nurtured through the decades by expert hands.
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• Flour improvers are not used. Only select flours are chosen, which, from inception, are "best."


• Indeed, chemical additives and preservatives are banned: the shelf life and the taste of each Panettoncino stems from our use of the finest raw materials, and not from shortcuts.


• All you have to do is read the labels of packaged products to see the difference. While other bakery products have long lists of ingredients full of obscure names, our Panettoncino has only eleven (11!) ingredients, easily understandable by anyone.


• Our natural leavening process guarantees a goodness and a delicate texture that cannot be cloned, even with recourse to the most sophisticated baking techniques.


• And when the product is removed from the oven, warm and fragrant, it is not assaulted by forced cooling-- to shorten time and thus reduce costs-- but it is preserved and cared for by subjecting it to a slow resting period, at room temperature.


By the end of this journey, which for other bakery products might take as few as 40 minutes, our Panettoncino will have required at least 48 hours of crafting.